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About Us

Thirty-five years ago…

a group of young people decided to deal with fashion. There were great seasons full of creation, adventure and non troubled mind. Pioneers then to woman’s clothing at affordable prices and excellent quality. Starting from a small store named Johnny Jo we manage to build a small factory where we can manufacture women’s clothes.

As the years come and go the seasons priorities change and consumption have bigger requests. Everything evolve and advance as we stayed unshakable in our principles. We produce youthful outfits with quality stitching and the best materials. The design and quality control departments in our factory are the most developed and enhanced with new people and the spirit of the newest requirements.

Thirty-five years after we are being tested everyday and we are trying to be ahead in womens fashion. The excellence and unique style of Johnny Jo differs from anything else. Our designs highlights the elegance and femininity without leaving quality second.

Our stores are daily being supplied with new clothes and designs created in our own facilities by young men and women with knowledge and passion. Our steady course over the years has given us the best position in clothing area, qualitative and not quantitative.

Today, we continue our way to give great importance to the development of the times. The internet plays a capital role in our lives and in our work. A new online store created by us for the needs of our clients. All our new designs displayed on our Facebook page and can be purchased from our e-shop. The modernization and implementation is a priority without rising up walls between us and our relationship. We come one step closer to you thanks to your love and move without fear and with great passion for the future.